Home Care Providers And Medication Management For Seniors in Racine, WI

Comfort Keepers Home Care Providers in Racine, WI: Learn more about the medication management tips recommended for your senior loved one

When you age, you may find out that you have to take more medications than you expected to and this means that an effective medication management system must be in place. It can be very hard to remember which medicines to take and when. Whether you suffer from limited mobility, memory problems, or any other type of illness, our home care providers can help ensure that you know what medications you need to take and when, all thanks to a pill dispenser.

If you do not have a medication management system in place, you will find that you are at risk for serious complications. If you take the wrong dose of medication, you could either be hospitalized for an overdose or become sick from the symptoms or if you take too little of a dose, you may find that your situation does not improve. These accidents are just that – accidents – but they lead to serious complications.

At Comfort Keepers home care providers, we know that you work hard to understand your medication, but sometimes it is just too much. Our team will work closely with you to incorporate the Pill Dispenser from SafetyChoice into your daily and nightly routine. The Pill Dispenser is easy to use and simple for seniors to understand. It is one of the best medication management solutions for seniors.

Benefits of the Pill Dispenser

Home care providers say that the Pill Dispenser is one of the best ways to accurately and efficiently manage your medicine in your home. Below, we will introduce to you some of the true benefits of the Pill Dispenser and why it is effective and safe.

  • Comes with 60 different medication cups that hold up to 25 pills each
  • Organizes all of your medications, sends you reminders, and manages the delivery of the medication to you
  • Sends you a voice alert, text, and light alert when it is time for you to take your medication
  • Connects to an existing phone line
  • Sends you notifications when a dose is missed
  • Locks to keep your medication secure and safe at all times
  • Has a backup battery that provides up to 12 hours of power when your electricity is out
  • Dispense button is easy to use and see

Comfort Keepers home care providers are ready to talk to you about the Pill Dispenser and let you know why it is such a great choice for all of your medication management needs. Call us today to schedule your in-home consultation. 

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