Starting The Elderly Home Care Conversation in Racine, WI

Be Prepared For The Big Talk About Senior Care Options

We know that having a conversation with your parent about elderly home care can be uncomfortable, but it is important to ensure their well being. It’s always better to plan ahead than decide about important things at the last minute. Think about these factors when you are preparing for the talk.

Have this elderly home care conversation as soon as possible. It better to have it while you parent is still healthy and independent. When you include them in the decision making they will feel like they have control over their life. Otherwise you could experience resentment from your loved one.

It’s necessary to choose a quiet and secure place, somewhere where your loved senior feels comfortable. Their home is always the safest option. Make sure that the atmosphere isn’t intimidating so they don’t feel like family is ganging up on them.

The leader
Have a pre-talk with your family members and choose the leader of the pack. This person should be in charge and organize the whole thing. They can share tasks and gather all the information needed. It’s best that this person also leads the conversation.

All of the closest family members should be present. This way your parent will know their family cares for their well being and that they are doing this because they love them. It’s necessary that your loved one understands they are not alone.

Gather information
If you need any help with planning the discussion, give us a call.   Our staff is available 24/7 to answer any of your senior care questions. Contact Comfort Keepers elderly home care professionals of Racine, WI, for more information about senior home care services at (262) 299-0320.

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