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Feed Your Brain: Four Easy Tips for Staying Sharp

Nov 30, 2016 by Luke Ries

Our Own Personal Supercomputer 

It’s amazing how much we take the human brain for granted. At every single point in our existence, it processes thousands upon millions of sensory signals, maintains functionality, and facilitates each and every individual thought and action. It is a vastly complex organ, often likened to a supercomputer, which continues to mystify even top modern medical professionals.

So, why don’t we always give it the attention and – more importantly – the care it deserves? Like all other vital organs and muscles, the brain requires fuel to function and perform at an optimum level. And this fuel comes in the form of nutritious foods, plentiful exercise, and all of the many healthy choices we make on a daily basis. As we age, making these choices becomes even more important for brain health, but there are natural effects of aging that can cause forgetfulness or fleeting slips of memory. Fortunately, aging adults can be proactive and take steps to mitigate these effects and even prevent more problematic memory loss from developing.

Share the following tips with your loved ones to help keep them sharp and give their brains a boost!

Four Brain Health Tips:

  • You are what you think – Self-fulling prophecies can apply to brain functionality. Seniors may feel that they don’t have a chance of having the same capabilities simply because they aren’t young anymore. And this defeated attitude can have an overpowering effect and lead to a decline in cognitive ability. The key is to think positively and have faith in your brain power!
  • Stay Social – Studies show that increased social activity keeps the brain young and promotes longevity, especially versus those that remain isolated. Join a senior center group, volunteer in the community, or simply connect with friends and family.
  • Exercise your brain – We’ve all heard that expression, but there’s more truth in it than you might think. By developing new skills or pursuing new interests, your brain is able to activate certain areas and make valuable connections among brain cells. Whether it’s learning how to play piano, or joining a class, the key is to just keep learning.
  • Keep Moving – It should come as no surprise that what benefits heart health benefits brain health as well. Increased blood flow, through aerobic and cardio exercises, supplies the brain with oxygen – which in turn keeps everything functioning properly. Remember to always consult a physician before starting any exercise routine.

Although the human brain still holds many secrets, what we do know is that it should be treated with the same amount of attention and respect that we give to other areas of our body. After all, the brain controls all that we do. With the tips above, your loved ones can help prevent cognitive decline, promote positive well-being, and stay sharp late into life.

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