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In Home Care Providers Warn Of Dangers Of Glaucoma

Mar 3, 2016 by Luke Ries

Your mom or dad should have routine eye care to prevent eye problems such as glaucoma. In home care experts state that it is still important for routine examines even if your parent believes there is no change in their eyesight and no problems that could be sight related. Glaucoma has no warning signs and causes loss of vision without notice. However, understanding the disease may assist you and your parent in recognizing the risk factors associated with it.

One form of the disease is accompanied by excessive fluid causing pressure inside the eye. In routine eye exams, eye pressure is measured for warning signs of this condition and other possible vision problems. According to in home care experts and your parent’s medical team, the increased pressure may cause damage to the optic nerve, and this can result in vision loss and possible blindness.

The risks for glaucoma include age, and anyone 60 is considered at an increased risk. According to the statistics, African Americans are at higher risk at age 40, and each year it can get progressively worse. In home care providers suggest maintaining eye health and providing support for your loved ones.

As with many diseases, family history increases the risk of glaucoma as well and in home care providers suggest obtaining a well-developed family history to help your parent and your family remain healthy. It is just as important to be aware of other health issues such as diabetes, heart disease or high blood pressure that may increase the risk for mom or dad to develop glaucoma. Another variable is damage to the optic nerve through injury either directly to the eye or from a head trauma. 

Medications such as a corticosteroid, similar to the cortisol hormone that may be overused are considered harmful and may result in this disease as well. The only known treatment for glaucoma is regular eye exams and eye pressure checks to diagnose the eye’s health.


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