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Companion Care Services Experts Recommend Walking To Help Seniors Improve Their Memory

Mar 17, 2016 by Luke Ries

Could you imagine that walking would help your mom or dad think more clearly? Companion care services experts and your parent’s medical team have seen the studies that indicate that seniors who walk can strengthen their memory skills. We already know that exercise, specifically, aerobic exercise, can reverse the shrinkage of the brain and improve memory. Walking is an aerobic exercise and seniors who get off the couch have an opportunity to support their memory health.

Many seniors today are joining walking clubs with the assistance of companion care services. If your mom or dad is no longer able to drive, many community programs offer transportation to and from the malls. For those who may need some additional assistance with their walking, companion care services may aid them with a caregiver to walk and guide them through the process. 

Walking also helps strengthens the muscles in the legs, which protect the bones. As mom or dad age, the bones weaken and become porous. However, if your parent is in a good walking program and maintains good stretching, their lower body health should be in balance which can lower their risk of falls and fractures. The stronger your parent becomes the more active they will want to be and that too will improve their cognitive ability.

Walking is a great social outlet for your loved one. As they walk the mall, the neighborhood, or the park trail, conversations will be part of the exercise. Consider this as you walk through the mall as mom or dad, share stories about the different holiday decorations and the people they have met during their mall walks.  Or, as you join them through the neighborhood, they point out flowers and trees they find of interest and neighbors they have met as they get out and about. Park trails can be just as interesting as well, sharing information with you about wildflowers and animals they meet along the trails. 


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