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Seniorcare Experts Can Help Prevent Falls And Slips That Lead To Severe Injuries

Mar 24, 2016 by Luke Ries

Throughout life we learn to recover from slips and falls and learn how to handle the hard knocks and balance. However, at home seniorcare experts point out that as your parent ages, the slips, trips and falls are no longer little boo-boos. In fact, the same little slip today might cause an ankle sprain that can lead to more serious injuries, especially if ignored and not treated, as is often the case.

Too many injuries leading to sprains. Often broken bones are ignored if the pain is minimal. Seniors sometimes assume their injuries are just an old fashion bruise. However, when the bruises become a contusion, and abuse of the injury (walking) causes something more harmful such as a broken bone or a blood clot, at home seniorcare providers note that treatment is more extensive at this escalated point. Occasionally, a simple injury can even lead to early death.

Falls can be prevented, however. At home seniorcare experts recommend becoming proactive about limiting risks. Your parent must take on some responsibility including wearing shoes that fit properly and provide support for walking. Your mom or dad must also become more aware of their surroundings including the ground they are walking on. If the surface is not even, they must accommodate for their balance. In the home, they must keep a clear path for walking and remove any flooring like loose floor rugs that may cause slipping. Area rugs that are not secure to the floor are a major trip hazard.

It is also important to have hand rails or grab rails available for your parent to hold on to in hard to navigate or slippery areas of the home. Place these in the bathroom, kitchen, stairwells and by the front door. At home seniorcare experts suggest this is one way of showing your loved one you care.


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