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Providers Of Home Care Services For Seniors: A Service Dog May Help Seniors Get Their Life Back

Apr 7, 2016 by Luke Ries

You may think service dogs are for the blind or the deaf. However, they are used for a variety of reasons to assist many senior citizens like your mother or father. Service dogs can hear the phone or doorbell ring and warn your mom or dad to answer. They also can retrieve items for your parent when they are unable to get up or just need a little assistance. Providers of home care services for seniors says service dogs become like an extension of your loved one’s life and their best companion.

Some service dogs are trained for specific medical conditions. These wonderful animals can open doors, push wheelchairs and even assist your mom or dad with getting dressed. If your parent tends to have balance issues, the dog will be taught to counter balance your mother or father as they walk. This wonderful service companion will not take the place of home care services for seniors but will be one of the components to keep your parent independent.

Not only are service dogs trained to work with their masters, your parent, their caregiver and you will be trained to allow the service dog to do his or her work properly. The dog’s main responsibility is to your mom or dad and they will respond to your parent’s needs. Providers of home care services for seniors acknowledge the importance of the personal relationship between your parent and their service dog. The dog must remain vigilant to his or her responsibility to maintain the caretaker role. 

The service dog will respond to socialization through your mother or father’s prompts. If your parent takes their dog out for an evening stroll and stops to talk to the neighbors they may invite the neighbors to talk to or pet their dog. The dog will respond to the prompt. If not prompted, the dog will remain protective as they have been trained.


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