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Home Helpers Share Information About Foods Heart-Conscious Seniors Should Avoid

Apr 14, 2016 by Luke Ries

There are foods your parent should avoid to maintain a healthy heart. This is especially important if your mother or father has been diagnosed with heart disease. Even if they have not been diagnosed and want to prevent heart disease, these are the foods to avoid. Home helpers not only instruct senior citizens and their families on healthy nutrition but they provide support systems while making lifestyle changes.

The first step is to avoid foods that may increase the heart rate and blood pressure. One such food or ingredient includes sodium, which is included in many processed foods. Processed meats such as cold cuts preserved with salt (sodium) and nitrates are known to cause heart fluctuation. Home helpers agree that it may be tasty and easy to make a sandwich, but at what cost?

Drinks that appear harmless like diet soda or other sugary drinks are considered harmful as well. The harm to the heart comes from sodium and sugar which are loaded into these drinks. Diet soda has no nutrients and the carbonation may cause gastrointestinal pain that can mimic a heart attack and cause undo anxiety.

Trans fats are another ingredient in foods to avoid. These fats are known to become unstable under high heat when cooked and therefore add bulk or unneeded fat to the body when consumed. Often these fats are absorbed in the blood and constrict the oxygen and blood flow needed for a healthy heart. With the assistance of the home helpers new forms of cooking can be learned and healthier ingredients incorporated.

Although some medications and vitamin supplements may support the removal of plaque that develops from these fats or foods that should be avoided, home helpers agree that eating a natural and unprocessed diet is the best lifestyle for your mom or dad to maintain heart health.  Let them be your guide.


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