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Senior In Home Care Providers Suggest Consulting With Your Senior’s Physician Before Vacation Planni

Apr 21, 2016 by Luke Ries

You may want to treat your parent with a vacation this spring or summer. However, senior in home care providers suggest consulting with your parent’s physician before making the offer. Travel may be an excellent opportunity for you and your loved one but it is crucial that you understand what all is involved in a vacation with your senior loved one. Traveling is not the same as bringing your parent over to your home for a day visit. A vacation involves so much more that you will need to prepare and your parent will need to adjust as well.

In home care aides recommend making a list of all the equipment your parent will need on the vacation, including wheelchair, oxygen tank, walkers, etc. When taking an inventory of all the equipment consider how you will be traveling and the means with which you will be transporting the equipment or if you will be obtaining equipment at the vacation site. Once the hardware is categorized, next identify their medications and how each one must be administered. If you have not provided this care for your parent, this is the time to either have the senior in home care expert train you or someone in your travel group to care for your parent.

When selecting the vacation site, will your parent be able to participate? Is there wheelchair access to the events you want to attend? Will the facilities accommodate the use of the oxygen tank if your parent uses one? Are the activities of interest to your parent or are they more your choice and the others in your group?

Senior in home care providers as well as your mom or dad’s medical team will suggest planning daily activities around your mother or father’s normal routine. If your parent is an early riser and has an early bedtime, starting the day late and ending it late into the night will not make for a compatible time together.


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