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Comfort Keepers Home Health Care Services in Racine, WI Present the Family Room

Home Health Care Services in Racine, WI: Comfort Keepers is proud to present an exciting new tool that allows for communication between families and caregivers

Managing your elderly loved one’s care can be stressful if you’re separated by distance.  Living just twenty or thirty miles from Dad or Mom can make visits very impractical.  That makes it hard to know how the care is going, and you may feel in the dark.

In the twenty-first century, you have access to incredible amounts of information.  Comfort Keepers, Wisconsin’s leader in home health care services uses Family Room, a new online tool that allows you and your family members to closely monitor your loved one’s in home care.

Family Room puts the whole home care team in one virtual room to collaborate on Mom or Dad’s care.  All of you are now equally participating in your loved one’s care

What Is The Family Room?

With Family Room, you get regular, real-time updates of the details of the home health care services we provide.   The caregiver fills out a checklist of tasks completed.   You have the ability to view your family member’s appointments and other activities in their shared calendar.  You can add and change them, or even view comments from the care provider.  

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This means everyone is on the same page--literally!  You’ll know when a family member visited your loved one, what medications your senior is taking, whether they ate their brussel sprouts, etc.

The Comfort Keepers caregiver is part of the group as well.  He or she can send you notes, and you can suggest care or ask questions—and receive timely answers.

This utility was developed by the company’s founder after he found paper-based documentation of his family member’s care to be cumbersome.  He wanted an alternative, and now you can have one too!

The home health care service we provide is customizable and transparent. Comfort Keepers caregivers sit down with your family to engineer a private home care plan that works for you.  After you’ve helped craft a personalized care plan, you can be involved as much as you wish!

This service is a complimentary feature of care with Comfort Keepers.  It helps us carry out our mission of delivering only the best care.  To us, that’s the care that delivers peace of mind for all involved. 

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